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The Story of Peng Shuilin

In life we keep complaining about what is or why we don’t have. Half the time we seem dissatisfied, though full-bodied and free to choose. Fat people say, “I want to be slim.” Skinny people say, “I want to be fatter.” Poor people want to be rich and rich are never satisfied with what they have.

Peng Shuilin is 78cms high. He was born in Hunan Province, China.

In 1995, in Shenzhen, a freight truck sliced his body in half. His lower body and legs were beyond repair. Surgeons sewed up his torso. 

Peng Shuilin, 37, spent nearly two years in hospital in Shenzhen, southern China, undergoing a series of operations to re-route nearly every major organ or system inside his body.  Peng kept exercising his arms, building up strength, washing his face and brushing his teeth.

He survived against all odds.

Now Peng Shulin has astounded doctors by learning to walk again after a decade.

Considering Peng’s plight, doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre in Beijing devised an ingenious way to allow him to walk on his own, creating a sophisticated egg cup-like casing to hold his body, with two bionic legs attached.

It took careful consideration, skilled measurement and technical expertise. Peng has been walking the corridors of Beijing Rehabilitation Centre with the aid of his specially adapted legs and a re-sized walking frame.

RGO is a recipicating gait orthosis, attached to a prosthetic socket bucket.  There is a cable attached to both legs so when one goes forward, the other goes backwards. Rock to the side, add a bit of a twist and the leg without the weight on it advances, while the other one stays still, giving a highly efficient way of ambulation.

Hospital vice-president Lin Liu said: “We’ve just given him a checkup; he is fitter than most men his age.

Peng Shuilin has opened his own bargain supermarket, called the Half Man-Half Price Store. The inspirational 37-year-old has become a businessman and is used as a role model for other amputees. At just 2ft 7ins tall, he moves around in a wheelchair giving lectures on recovery from disability. His attitude is amazing, he doesn’t complain.

He had good care, but his secret is cheerfulness. Nothing ever gets him down.

You have a whole body. You have feet. Now you have met a man who has no feet. His life is a feat of endurance, a triumph of the human spirit in overcoming extreme adversity. Next time you want to complain about something trivial, don’t.


Goldman Sachs sparks debate over Western banks’ role in Islamic finance

By Reuters Staff
FEBRUARY 24, 2012

(A man walks past a newly-opened Sharjah Islamic Bank branch on Sheikh Zayed road in Dubai January 11, 2012. REUTERS/Jumana El Heloueh)

A controversial plan by Goldman Sachs to issue an Islamic bond has ignited a wider debate on whether conventional banks in the West should be allowed to engage in Islamic finance.

At a major conference of Islamic scholars and bankers in London this week, much of the public and private discussion was devoted to whether growing Western interest in Islamic finance could damage the industry by compromising its religious principles.

Some participants argued investment banks such as Goldman should be banned from issuing Islamic bonds, or sukuk, because the funds they raised could help to finance other parts of their business that did not comply with sharia or Islamic law.

“A conventional bank, with the exception of multilateral development banks like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, should not be allowed to issue sukuk,” said Badlisyah Abdul Ghani, chief executive of CIMB Islamic, the Islamic unit of CIMB Group, Malaysia’s second biggest bank.

“The basic principle of Islamic finance is that you should only finance activities that are consistent with sharia, and conventional rib (interest) is not,” he told Reuters on the sidelines of the Euromoney Islamic Finance Summit.

Other participants said the industry could not bar conventional banks and should focus instead on ensuring that each of their Islamic transactions complied with sharia law.

Read the full story by Anjuli Davies here.


Joe Stanley posted a great article about how being competitive is more about financing than labor costs. When comparing unit labor costs, it turns out that both norther and southern European laborers earn the same amount of money per unit of goods produced. The North may produce more goods,…



Sharia-compliant financial regulations will make Dublin a centre of excellence for Islamic finances, taoiseach says

Taoiseach Enda Kenny
Ireland’s sharia-compliant financial regulations could make Dublin a centre of excellence for Islamic finance, says the taoiseach, Enda Kenny, above. Photograph: Julien Behal/PA

Ireland has launched a bid to become the home of Islamic finance inEurope as it seeks to rebuild its once dominant financial services sector.

The taoiseach, Enda Kenny, who was swept to power on a wave of public anger at the taxpayers’ €70bn (£62bn) bailout of failed banks, told the Irish Funds Industry Association (IFIA) that he was doing everything he could to “ensure” Dublin became “a centre of excellence for Islamic finances”.

Irish tax laws and financial regulations are now sharia-compliant, he said, and the government had recently signed double-taxation agreements with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

“There is first-mover advantage. If they [Islamic institutions] feel comfortable in a particular jurisdiction and you develop a cluster, more will follow,” said Ken Owens, chairman of the IFIA. He said there was currently “a scramble” for Islamic business internationally and Ireland is just behind the UK in terms of adjusting its laws to be sharia-compliant.

Sharia law prohibits the payment of interest on loans or overdrafts, or the receipt of interest, and also prevents investment in certain categories including defence, adult entertainment and gambling.

“Their investment universe is quite limited. Islamic funds want to own the ship or the building, not a share in it. They want to own things outright because they can’t pay interest. They want commmodities, infrastructure, manufacturing, property,” said Owens.

On the mortgage market, institutions buy the house or the commercial real estate; the buyer then pays rent instead of interest.

Owens said Irish and UK financial institutions, which were devastated by the financial crisis, saw opportunities worth billions in Islamic finance, either seeking to get a toehold in Islamic countries or attract Islamic institutions to Dublin.

“The US and European asset management firms are already out in the Middle East and Asia with their products but now you’ve got those guys in China going ‘I know China better than any US or European investor’ and coming to Europe to compete with us,” he said.

Owens, who is a partner in Pricewaterhouse Coopers Ireland, has one Middle-Eastern client who is about to open nine funds in Ireland; and the Irish Central Bank has recently authorised several Islamic institutions to operate in the Dublin’s International Financial Services Centre.

The value of funds administered in Dublin is worth €1,890bn, split evenly between Irish and non-domiciled funds.

There will come a time, when you will not be able to find a single person in all of mankind who will not be consuming riba. And if anyone claims that he is not consuming riba then surely the vapor of riba will reach him.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w (Abu Daud, Mishkat)



This sign for the win ——> “Let’s Bank The Muslim Way”

Team Islamic Finance!…:p


This sign for the win ——> “Let’s Bank The Muslim Way”

Team Islamic Finance!…:p






My mom used to always tell me to pray properly. She would remind me constantly that we could die at any moment so it was important for us to put our all into each salah that we made. When I was younger I didn’t get it so I’d always ask, “How do we know if we’re putting our all…


دافع الخطرة فان لم تفعل صارت فكرة

فدافع الفكرة فان لم تفعل صارت شهوة

فحاربها، فان لم تفعل صارت عظيمة و همة

فان لم تدافعها صارت فعلا

فان لم تتداركه بضده صار عادة فيصعب عليك الانتقال عنها

Stand firm against evil thoughts, for if you fail to do so, they will become ideas. If you do not, they will become desires, so fight against them. If you do not, they will become a form of determination and intention. If you do not resist, they will become actions, and if you do not follow them up with their opposite, they will become habits that will be hard to quit.

Ibn AL-Qayyim (rahimahullah) [Al-Fawaa’id] (via byyourmercyallah)


Whoever does not thank people, does not thank ALLAH.- Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam)[at-Tirmidhi, Hadith 897]

Whoever does not thank people, does not thank ALLAH.

- Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam)

[at-Tirmidhi, Hadith 897]